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We are so glad you stopped by to check out our photos and learn about us!

We are  Stephanie and Andrew Archie (Mother and Son) and we are the owners & photographers of Archie Photo.



I'v always known I wanted to do something creative, I just didn’t know exactly what that was at first...so after trying all different kinds of art, photography hooked me. The first time I made a print from a negative I developed (yep-I learned on FILM) I was hooked!  Don’t worry I spend my time in Photoshop now, not a darkroom. 

While I was raised in Arizona and have lived all over the US, I currently rest my bones in Silver Spring, MD.

Things I love (besides taking and editing photos!) 1. Spending time with family. Playing board games or cuddling on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn are my fav’s!!  2. Warm sandy beaches and water. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lake or tropical paradise. I love the sand between my toes and swimming in the warm sunshine.  3. All kinds of art.  I love pottery, drawing, painting, working with glass, and so much more.


Coming Soon

Q: Do I get a CD with my session?

A: YES!! After the session the Images are YOURS!   You receive a CD or USB or Email the High-Res Images (whatever is easiest for you) Along with a Print Release.

Q: Are my photos retouched?

A: YES!! We are a bit of a perfectionist..so all the images you receive come color corrected, retouched and ready for printing.

Q: Where should I print my photos?

A: You can print them anywhere, but I do suggest you print with us. We use a professional lab and our monitors are calibrated with their printers to give you the best colors.

Q:What’s your style?

A: This is always a hard one but here’s the best answer.  A little traditional-Yes we pose you and here’s why...Unless you are a professional model or have taken a posing class you probably don’t know what looks best. Lucky for you- we do! While we think it is important to have our help making you look your best...we also love the candid shots. So you will notice there is a good mix of photojournalist and traditional shots in our work.

Q: We love your style and want to know more, what next?

A: Send us a little note (contact us) or call/text. 301-542-4966

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